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You Won't Dread Your New Look from Melat's Dreadlocks in Portland, OR! 

Get the Stylish Look You Want at an International Hair Salon in Portland, OR

When you gaze in the mirror each day, you want to see a hairstyle that reflects your true self and accentuates your looks. You don't want to blend into the crowd but rather make a statement that emphasizes your tastes. Find what you are seeking by working with our talented and experienced team at Melat's Dreadlocks at MB42 Salon & Barber. We are a hair salon in Portland, OR, where you can find the look you want. 

We are a community and family-oriented business where you can take advantage of a range of professional services. We are hair braiding specialists who also offer dreadlocks, extensions, and coloring for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Styles from Around the World

Although dreadlocks are one of our specialties, we also provide many other international designs thanks to the skills of our ethnic hairstylists. If you choose dreads, we'll fix them just the way you want and provide the information you need to care for them as they grow. 

We have African barbers who will help you transform your look into one of eye-catching multicultural extravagance. If you're looking for something as classic as a professional shave, you've also come to the right place. We'll work with you to shape a stunning hairstyle or give you a haircut that delivers a subtle but powerful appearance.

International Hair Salon in Portland, OR