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A Friendly, Family-Oriented Salon in Portland, OR

Every member of your family has unique tastes that dictate what hairstyle they feel comfortable with and what looks best on them. That means they need the skills of highly trained barbers and stylists that can find the cut that flatters them the most. At our family-oriented salon in Portland, OR, we have specialists with the skills to give you the look you’ve been seeking.

MB42 Salon & Barber - Melat's Dreadlocks is the shop you should choose for yourself and your entire family. Our clientele comes to us when they are seeking traditional hairstyles, dreadlocks, hair extensions, hair coloring, and much more.  

We are a unique business in the fact that we employ inner-city residents who work alongside authentic African barbers. Our staff has worked hard, and we’ve expanded over the past five years to meet the needs of our community and clients. International hairstyles are one of the well-known services we offer, but regardless of what your tastes trend toward, you can drop by and discuss your options with one of our staff members.

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Working With the Client for Success

We meet your needs by more than just providing outstanding service in a warm and welcoming environment. In addition to our free consultations, we also are known as the hair salon with first-time discounts. That’s right; you get a 10% discount on your first visit with us. Thanks to the quality of our staff members and the services they provide, we are sure that it won’t be your last visit.

Everyone Welcome

With an unparalleled passion for celebrating the souls of our clients, MB42 Salon & Barber - Melat’s Dreadlocks is a full-service hair salon devoted to enhancing the unique beauty of customers from all walks of life. Through collaboration and customization, our superior stylists work with you and your entire family to ensure a modern makeover for every member.

As a highly-skilled hair care crew up for any challenge, we’re proud to be on the cutting-edge of hair salon services with ongoing training and transformative techniques. Our hair braiding specialists provide a wide range of services to create authentic looks for customers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.


High-quality customer service in any business starts at the top. It takes a good leader, one who cares about her customers and staff, to set the tone and ensure that everyone gets treated with friendliness, courtesy, and respect. That’s the case at MB42 Salon & Barber - Melat's Dreadlocks as owner Melat Asfaw creates and nurtures a relaxed and open environment for everyone from our ethnic hair stylists to first-time customers.

Melat was the top female graduate of the hair design and stylist school she attended and earned an Associate’s Degree in hair styling. She leads by example and upholds this level of excellence across the entirety of the business. With more than 10 years of experience, she is a stylist to trust for outstanding dreadlock services. 


Our educated ethnic artisans provide a wide range of hair care styles, colors, and treatments to a diverse clientele. Whether you need to re-twist your dreadlocks, require service from a hair braiding specialist, or want to illuminate your curls with a new color, MB42 Salon & Barber - Melat’s Dreadlocks is on stand-by for a free consultation. 

The scissor wizards at our shop have a reputation for delivering creative cuts with exceptional customer service. Reinforced by our multicultural backgrounds and years of experience, MB42 Salon & Barber - Melat’s Dreadlocks have become a trusted hair care studio where you can achieve flattering new looks for your entire family.

When you want a hairstyle that looks great and works for you, then reach out to us for the latest in international hairstyles.


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Contact us to make an appointment or to find out more about our services. We proudly serve customers in Portland, OR, and the surrounding area.

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